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Nostalgia Wooden Gift Box

Please note

Due to demand this is now a preorder. I will do my best to make these as quickly as possible please be patient this is worth the wait.

I have to custom make everything, the sock design is very limited and it once it’s out of stock the design will alter.


** socks and pins can be random and vary from previous boxes, all will be Labyrinth designs.


You are welcome to purchase but be aware it will then become a preorder

The Box + Music + Goodies will contain

Socks, stickers, postcards, x3 metal enamel pin badges, and the notebook has now been replaced with the Labyrinth red tote.

The music device is light sensitive and will not play in the dark.

If you would like to paint this the wood accepts acrylic & spray paint the best.


SKU: 0012
  • Box is made from Baltic Plywood 
    Wood is naturally suseptible to warping with humidity changes.

    Baltic Ply can be painted should you wish too using acylic or spray paint, wood paints also work fine. 

    Weight with gifts is 1.1kg 

    Length (31cm)  | Width (24cm)  | Height (8cm) 

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