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Introducing Sarah's Music Box - A Limited Edition Preorder!


Click Here For a 3D View


Be one of the exclusive few to secure a preorder of Sarah's Music Box, a handcrafted masterpiece currently in the final stages of production. By placing a preorder, you'll become a valued founder of this item, and your music box will be numbered as one of the original pieces. The image is just a placeholder and will be updated as I progress. The doll

Is of course included.



Benefits of Preordering:

- Receive exclusive founder-only items along with your music box.

- Support the production process and be part of bringing this enchanting creation to life.


If you simply wish to show your support buy a coffee at



Follow the Build Process:

Get an insider's view of the creation journey as

I share a captivating series showcasing the step-by-step build process.


Melodious Tunes:

Sarah's Music Box will play a real, non-digital melody with an 18-note score that has already been meticulously crafted. To ensure perfection, i am working on incorporating a rotating section right now and will have the mechanical aspects complete within the next few days.


Remember, this is a limited edition preorder, and only a small number of preorders will be available. Don't miss your chance to own a unique founder's piece of Sarah's Music Box. Secure your spot now and be part of the magic! 🎶✨


Sarah’s Music Box “Pre Order” (Includes Doll)

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